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Paje beach Zanzibar

Kite Centre Zanzibar at Paje Beach is specialized in teaching your kids kitesurfing!🏅 To get them going we have special gear for kids. Harnesses, helmets👷‍♀️, jackets, short lines and smaller kites. This way we can get your kids safely out on the water and teach them the principles of kitesurfing with an experienced and professional instructor.

The minimum weight is 35 Kg, and minimum age is 8 years old, depending your child’s progress in life.🤓

Intro Kitesurf Course

Weight: +35 Kg, no experience needed

(Semi) or private/ 3hrs

Get to know the sport in a fun and safe way. This is the perfect location to get hooked. No experience required. Lessons in many languages possible, just ask us!

Discover kitesurfing
Setup & surroundings
Safety Beach & Water
Airtime, fly a kite

Children’s Course: Kitesurfing discovery /3hrs

We offer a Beginners Introduction Kitesurfing Lesson for children who want to have a taste of this amazing sport before continuing with the full course. This Intro Lesson is perfect way to discover kitesurfing for children.

This kitesurfing lesson for children starts with the focus on flying the kite. First they will practice on the beach and later in the water. On the beach we will teach them the following: setting up the kite, the power of the kite, reaction of the kite, theory, landing and launching. We have several helpful and fun exercises to get the necessary control over the kite. After that we will go into the water with the big inflatable kite where your children will practice to steer. We will also learn them about controlling the kite, safety releases and body dragging. After 3 hours they will get a pretty good idea what kitesurfing is about and get the chance to decide if they want to continue with the next 6 hours. Optional they will share the kite with the other children students.

If they like it so far then we motivate you to go on and really learn them to ride! Check our full beginners kite course and give them 6 more hours to get them acquainted, safe and motivated.

Full Kitesurf Course

Weight: +35 Kg, no experience needed

(Semi) or private/ 3x3hrs

Start the discovery of kitesurfing with your children at the ultimate spot and learn your children kitesurfing in Zanzibar. Treat them with the 3x3 course and they'll be in good hands. Enjoy the flying start off your kitesurf family adventure!

All of the Intro Course +
Kite & board control
Flying skills
Walking the kite
Water re-launch kite

Full kitesurfing course for children /3x3hrs

We offer a full beginners kitesurfing course for children who really want to learn kitesurfing. After the course your youngsters most likely will be able to continue practicing on their own or with your or our help!

After the first 3 hours of introduction, with the 6 hours left we will focus on teaching them the following aspects; kite controlling & flying skills, body dragging, walking with the kite & board, safety procedures like water re-launching and start. The goal is to get them on the board and make their first few meters on the water. In most cases after they finish the full beginners’ course, they can rent gear and get out there under the supervision of an instructor.

Main Goals: controlling the kite / getting on the board /  be able to practice on their own. After this course most pupils are able to rent gear under supervision of an instructor.

To get to level 2 they need to be able to show us the required skills.

Course Weekpack

Weight: +35 Kg, no experience needed

(Semi) or private/ 3hrs

This is the treat of a lifetime. You deserve this. Get yourself ready for a week of learning, fun and riding individually. No crash course, it's a fly course! Book and be amazed.

All of the Full Course +
3 days rental of
Kite + Kiteboard
Harness + Helmet
Tons of fun!

Kitesurfing week /3x3hrs + 3 day rental

Including three half days of kitesurfing rentals

Do your children have the time to complete the Full Childrens Kitesurfing Course of 9 hours? Then they will most likely able to continue practicing on their own. Our weekpack is the answer to your kitesurf family needs. Get 3 half days of kite rental for an affordable and discounted price.

Let your children try riding independently with the best gear from Duotone and Brunotti. After the Weekpack they will get to Level 2/3.

Want the Full Childrens Weekpack with semi private lessons? That’s possible! In this package they will have their lessons with a maximum of two kitesurfing pupils in total.


You can't buy happiness

But you can stay in our resort
And that comes pretty close.

10% DISCOUNT / On all your lessons
Stay right at the spot
Seaview lofts
Poolside apartments
Breakfast & Barista coffee
Cocktail bar and DJ's
Cultural music events
Restaurant with local food
IKO Certified Kitesurf Lessons
Newest Duotone Rentals


Give us a call, send your message or check out the FAQ. We are open from: June 1th until October 31th. and December 1th until March 31th. During these seasons the Kite Centre is opened every day from nine to six.

Secure your spot book in advance

It can be busy at Kite Centre Zanzibar🔥 Especially during seasonal vacations. So book kitesurfing lessons and other services at least one week in advance (during vacation seasons maybe even a month) and you’re good to go!🚀

Lessons Children

Secure your spot book in advance

With children we prefer to give private lessons. This way we can fully concentrate on your child and keep their attention as well. But, you are free to choose whatever option suits you best. For instance, if you’d like both of your children have the same lesson at the same time. 

It can be busy at Kite Centre Zanzibar🔥 Especially during seasonal vacations. Please book kitesurfing lessons and other services at least one week in advance (during vacation seasons maybe even a month) and you’re good to go!🚀

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