Strapless Kitesurfing

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Strapless Kitesurfing Tricks

Who doesn’t like to ride strapless while kitesurfing? From feeling that ultimate control that comes from the tip of your toes to cruising in the waves, we are completely hooked.

And luckily for us, Zanzibar is the perfect place for it. Since strapless kitesurfing is becoming more and more popular within the kitesurfing world, we have some cool tricks lined up for you. In the lagoon, there is ample flat water during mid to low tide to practice your airs and cool tricks, like the ones seen below. And on the reef, there are amazing waves that guarantee hours and hours of fun! Plus the views aren’t too bad either, as you can see in this video: 

Learn strapless riding with Kite Centre Zanzibar

Would you like to learn how to ride strapless, and feel endless possibilities without being strapped to your board? It’s possible to book lessons with us if you have good kite control and you’re able to ride upwind.  Contact us for more info. 

Learn to blend speed, turn, do airs, and A LOT of wave riding. Use the wind in your favor. When you go for your first jumps, you have to position the board with your feet against the wind so the board doesn’t blow off your feet. This is definitely a new dimension, and it’s what brings fun to the session. Let wax and traction pads be all the grip you’ll get. 

Tricks to inspire

Check out our top tips and tricks for strapless kitesurfing below :

Strapless kitesurfing

Good luck trying these at home, or in the lagoon in Zanzibar! 

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