Paula Novotna kitesurfing in Zanzibar

Duotone Dice


Watch Paula Novotna kitesurf in Zanzibar at Kite Centre Zanzibar. A dreamscape kitesurf location at the edge of the Indian Ocean.

Video, Comeback as a local

Paula Novotna kitesurfing in Zanzibar with Kite Centre Zanzibar

We worked together with Duotone Kiteboarding and Laci Kobulsky to make a shoot with Paula Novotna kitesurfing in Zanzibar.

Kitesurfers travel the globe far and wide, in search of the best wind conditions. However, weather conditions are not always enough, and not all-deciding. The place where you stay, where you eat, where you relax, what you do when there’s no wind, and, most importantly, how you’re welcomed, matter as much as the perfect conditions.

Zanzibar has it all

Zanzibar is an amazing spot that offers all of the above! That’s why, when you come here for the first time, you come as a tourist but leave as a local. And then, you find yourself coming back, year after year.

Come back as a local to Kite Centre Zanzibar, your new homespot.

Paula Novotna

Paula Novotna is a professional kitesurfer and wing foiler. She is born in the Czech Republic and has been riding with Duotone Kiteboarding since the beginning. She is the current world champion of wing foiling freestyle discipline. Besides Duotone, she is sponsored by ION and recent member of the Fanatic Wing Foil team.

Kite Centre Zanzibar Gear

At the Kite Centre we use, like Paula Novotna, kites made by Duotone, apparel made by ION and our wing foiling boards are made by Fanatic.

Watch the video with Paula Novotna here, and get inspired to pay Zanzibar a visit!

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And discover what to do at one of the most relaxed kitesurf spots of Africa. We are open from: June 1th until October 31th. and December 1th until March 31th. During these seasons the Kite Centre is opened every day from nine to six.

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